Episode #66: Mental Fitness

Episode Overview

- The difference between mental fitness and mental health

- How to use our body as a source of information to make decisions

- How to get out of "survival mode"

- How to rewire our brains to embrace joy and play

- How to properly celebrate our progress (so we can go farther, quicker)

About Amy

Amy Yip is a certified Life Transformation and Mental Fitness coach who works with high-achieving, ambitious women to tap into their full potential, let go of the ‘shoulds’ and be the author of their own life story because if you don’t tell your story, someone else will. In January 2020, after 16+ years of building and leading global teams in organizations like Google, Clorox, and Booz Allen, Amy left the corporate world, sold everything, and took a 1-way flight to Ghana with her husband to volunteer at a breast cancer non-profit and travel the world. COVID shifted their plans and they got stuck in Ghana for 7 months. One of her greatest learnings: Your mindset, NOT your circumstance, makes all the difference in your happiness and success. Through this lens, Amy works with clients to find their voice and the courage to speak up, build self-confidence, navigate change, and discover what they REALLY want next in their life and career. 

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