Episode #70: Six-Figure SEO

Episode Overview

- How she built her multi six-figure empire by mastering SEO

- What SEO stands for and some myths around it

- How to make your SEO better

- Tools to get more traffic to your website or blog

About Anna

Anna Baun is a former corporate leader turned bad-ass, full-time entrepreneur. Over the course of 10 years, Anna has built a successful brand, A Lily Love Affair, a strong and engaged social media following, and a six-figure income. Tired of running on the social media hamster wheel, Anna became obsessed with teaching herself SEO which skyrocketed her blog revenue to 5-figures or more per month, her unique site visitors by 100%, increased her affiliate sales by 430% and her email subscribers by 500%. With her business now functioning on autopilot, Anna has not only walked away from her corporate career, but nearly doubled her former six-figure income. She now coaches and mentors other bad-ass female business owners on how to leverage their sites SEO and secure their financial future. 


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