Episode #11: Brent Huras


Meet Brent.

In this episode, Brent shares a variety of productivity strategies that you, the listener, can apply and immediately get results from. He also goes into detail about the psychology behind why we struggle with consistency, and how to get out of our own way so we can just "do the damn thing." Lastly, he touches on how a trip to Thailand and some psychedelic mushrooms helped him have that "flip-of-a-switch moment" that led him to quit his job and take the next steps in his entrepreneurial journey.

Brent Huras is a productivity coach who spends his days working with individuals and creating content to help people get into what he calls sustainable high-level productivity. His main focus is getting as many people as possible into this state so that we can become clear, consistent, and self-actualized. He pulls from a wide range of disciplines and theories into a body of work that helps us get on - and stay - on track with our most important work.

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