Episode #42: Celex Thomas

Episode Overview

- How to make the transition out of corporate

- How he started his marketing and branding business

- How to articulate "your story" to encourage people to take action

- How to get started when it comes to developing your brand and/or messaging? 

- How he's building his second business venture (completely different than marketing)

About Celex

Celex Thomas, Founder of Studio Celex, whose mission is to help businesses and professionals reach their goals by communicating their “X – Factor” with high impact, authentic storytelling and utilizing corporate-tested, proven marketing techniques. Celex is an award-winning sales and marketing executive with over 15 years experience in commercial strategy and has spent his career launching and growing some of the world’s largest life science brands in a fortune 100 company. He has now intentionally chosen to move from a life of corporate achievement to one of fulfillment where he can leverage years of commercial experience for the benefit and service of others by helping businesses and individuals reach their goals.

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