Episode #65: Chloe Homan

Episode Overview

- What it's really like being a full-time influencer (Instagram vs. Reality)

- How long it took to start gaining traction and being profitable

- Initial steps for those looking to become an influencer

- What's it like to work with brands

- How to approach brands for partnership

- How she launched her accessories line, Curlfriend Collective

About Chloe

Chloe Homan is a self-made multi-six-figure business owner/content creator. She launched her first business in 2018, Frizz & Frillzz, where she empowers women to learn and love their natural curls. After growing and cultivating her online curly community, she launched Curlfriend Collective in November 2021 to further support her community by providing them with luxury, silk hair accessories made with curly hair top of mind! Women with curls have been forgotten by the industry for far too long and she's bringing them to the forefront! 

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