Episode #96: Curtis Kupfersmith

Episode Overview

- Pros and cons of running a large real estate business

- How to get out of the survival mindset and/or hustle culture

- How to do business "correctly" without hitting rock bottom

- How to get started in real estate while working full time

About Curtis

Curtis Kupfersmith who was born and raised on a ranch in Kansas, had an almost fatal car crash in 2008 which changed his mindset and beliefs dramatically. His interest in real estate drew him to get his real estate license in 2013, and in his first full year as a licensed Realtor, Curtis sold just under 50 properties. He went on to grow a real estate team that was in the top 1% of real estate teams in the state of Oklahoma for 6 years in a row. Now, he helps others learn about wholesaling and purchasing out-of-state investment properties.

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