Episode #22: Dallisa Hocking


Meet Dallisa.

In this episode Gabby is joined by Dallisa Hocking, the CEO of Spirit & Spark® and a psychic medium. Dallisa talks about the experience that made her realize that she was here for more than the corporate role she was in for 10-15 years of her life. They talk about meditation and self care, and how those things are paramount in the process of receiving intuition or nudges to move you forward in your journey. Dallisa also shares some really important questions that you can ask yourself to determine the trajectory of your life.

DALLISA HOCKING is a 5th Generation Psychic Medium and the CEO of Spirit & Spark®. She has made matters of the heart, living authentically and teaching people how to elevate their own joy, her core mission. She’s trained with industry superstars such as Tony Robbins, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and Dr. Raymond Moody, and she’s also had the privilege of working on cold cases pertaining to missing persons and mysterious deaths, providing loved ones with information and closure.


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