Episode #54: Dr. Patricia Petralba

Episode Overview

- Why and how she transitioned from primary care to holistic health

- How a new business owner, or someone still at their 9-5, can prevent burnout

- Why so many people struggle to work in a corporate 9-5 setting

- How to work better in a demanding Corporate environment while still honoring your physical needs, emotions, and natural rhythms/cycles?

- How to rewire our "deep listening" so that we can inquire from within and make choices based on our intuitive pulls before reaching a breaking point (i.e. illness, injury, etc.)

About Dr. Patricia

Dr. Patricia is an integrative women's health physician. She is the founder of Thrive Life Center, an integrative medicine wellness center and head coach of the Zen Mama Boss Coaching program. She quit her corporate medicine job after her divine feminine awakened when she gave birth to her daughter Ka'iya (KA EE YA). She is passionate about helping highly driven women to overcome burnout so they can feel inspired, balanced physically, emotionally, hormonally and feel fulfilled in both their career and their family life.

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