Episode #40: Eddiana Rosen


Meet Eddiana.

Episode Overview

- How to uncover who you *truly* are when you feel lost before or after leaving the 9-5

- Why your role, job title, salary doesn't define who you are... and what actually does

- What does the term personal brand mean?

- How you can build a personal brand when you're multi-passionate?

- How to show up on social media authentically when you're connected to your professional network, manager, friends, etc.

About Eddiana

Eddiana is a Content Creator and Career & Side Hustle Coach. She helps professionals from underrepresented backgrounds build a strong personal brand so they land a high-paying job faster. But if corporate is not your jam, she coaches multi-passionate women to launch, market, and grow their online side hustles, so that you can start to build a Full-Time income on Part-Time hours, all while having a 9 to 5. She works Full Time at a FAANG company as a recruiter where she gets to source, attract and evaluate software engineers. 

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