Episode #36: Gigi Gonzalez


Meet Gigi.

Episode Overview

- How she started a side hustle and when it was the right time to leave to pursue it full-time

- The challenges she faced as her online presence grows (while she was still working her full-time job AND after she left)

- An overview of ALLLL the ways she makes money online

- The pros and cons of working with brands

- How she started writing her book and the challenges she's faced in the process

- What it's like being a speaker at Universities and events, and how they align with her long-term life goals

About Gigi

Gigi Gonzalez is a first-generation American, first-generation college graduate, and first-generation white-collar professional. She recently quit her corporate 9-5 job to pursue her true passion- teaching financial literacy to young adults through TikTok, educational workshops at universities, and with an upcoming book.

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