Episode #46: James Connor Jr.

Episode Overview

- How he became an entrepreneur when the odds were stacked against him

- How to move forward when you're met with adversity or roadblocks

- How to determine what your strengths and weaknesses are, and how to harness both in business

- How to master customer relations

- Common mistakes for nonprofits and startups

- Pros and cons of working remotely and being a digital nomad

About James

James Connor is a social entrepreneur, fractional CTO, nonprofit advisor, and digital nomad who helps founders and business owners with technical insight and building/maintenance of their applications. He's the co-founder of FlexibleSites and CTO for various startups including AdvisorBOB, ONTrac Goal Management and Eleveight. James is currently striving to work with 1000 nonprofits and help them succeed in their mission.

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