Episode #24: Jay Razzouk


Meet Jay.

In this week’s episode, Gabby is joined by Jay Razzouk, a business attorney that helps small businesses use legal strategies that help them scale. Jay drops all the goods on how to choose your business entity, how business insurance could potentially save you up to $100,000 and why vetting all of your business connections is crucial. He also shares the five business risks that he educates his clients on and gives the best strategies for protecting your business against those risks.

Jay Razzouk is a California business attorney, with over 10 years’ experience litigating across 20 states in matters involving legal compliance at Fortune 500s. He is also an adjunct professor at La Sierra University and the founder of ProSCALE Legal™ Coaching and the SecureSCALE method. Jay now helps small business owners employ legal strategies to securely scale their business beyond 7 figures.


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