Episode #02: Jim Treadway


Meet Jim.

In this episode, Gabby and Jim Treadway, the Founder of Growth Wise, discuss some of the strategies his students use to help with test anxiety, including the head-heart model. Jim explains that when you let your heart lead instead of your head, everything falls into place with perfecting timing, and often better results. We also get into a discussion about Ayahuasca and the future of Bitcoin.

Growth Wise is an online tutoring business that primarily focuses on SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Math, and Essays. Today, Growth Wise has fifteen tutors and supports students from middle school through college.

Jim also coaches students in test anxiety, social anxiety, procrastination, and ADHD using a head-heart model of awareness that he’s fashioned himself after attending hundreds of seminars. It doesn’t just hack test anxiety and raise test scores: it also boosts kids’ athletic performance and even makes them nicer to their parents.

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