Episode #44: Jon Farber

Episode Overview

- How to get started with your first investment property

- Are there certain tax codes or pass-throughs that all the "experts" use?

- Myths around running Airbnbs and if there are any pros and cons

- How to get started in property management without the full commitment of owning property?

- How to keep your quality of life while building/keeping up with multiple income streams

- How to leverage virtual staff to build your empire

About Jon

Jonathan Farber, who has achieved financial freedom at 27, started his “house hacking” journey at the age of 21 by buying traditional rentals and short-term rentals with creative acquisition and financing strategies. At the age of 26, he left his corporate enterprise technology sales job and now focuses on traditional rentals, short-term rentals, Airbnb arbitrage and wholesaling, as well as providing courses and a mastermind group for people looking to get started in Real Estate investing. He’s also the host of the podcast Millennial Millionaires Through Real Estate which averages over 2000 downloads per week and has been one of the fastest-growing real estate shows with an aim at helping young real estate investors achieve financial freedom.

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