Episode #38: Kahlil Dumas


Meet Kahlil.

Episode Overview

- How he built and sold a startup AND was *the brains* behind some of the most successful businesses and influencers

- How to entertain people and leverage that skillset in business

- How to get unstuck and get going again when you've hit a rut

- How to get over imposter syndrome regarding age-validation

- How to be better at giving yourself credit when it's due

- How to get away from being 'too nice' in business while still practicing empathy?

- How to nurture your relationships for long-term impact

About Kahlil

Kahlil Dumas is a highly motivated and passionate entrepreneur, customer experience executive, and technology visionary leader, and has gained the majority of his professional experience with Fortune 500 companies and startups. “Unstuck KD” is a platform that provides a community to anyone who feels stuck in their career, business, and/or life. Kahlil’s goal is to give everyone the resources and knowledge to take the first step in realizing their full potential and reaching their goals

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