Episode #26: Kathy Davis


Meet Kathy.

In this episode, Gabby is joined by Cathy Davis, a plant-based lifestyle coach and recipe developer. Cathy talks about how she and her husband decided to create their own version of the American dream because life is too short to do anything else. She talks about  things she does to fuel her creativity and why it's so important to show and embrace your authenticity. Cathy also gives us a look at an even bigger vision that she is holding for herself as a way to give back to both people and animals in the future.

Kathy Davis is a plant-based lifestyle coach and recipe developer, the CEO of VegInspired.com, and the author of two cookbooks: The 30-Minute Whole-Food Plant-Based Cookbook and The Super Easy Plant-Based Cookbook. She helps people successfully transition to a plant-based way of eating that supports a fast-paced lifestyle, without requiring hours in the kitchen or the added stress of “What am I going to eat?!



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