Episode #55: Kaylyn Blair

Episode Overview

- Why job-hopping and switching industries is beneficial

- How to get out of the cycle of "different job, same BS"

- How to process the shame, guilt, and/or obligatory pull when leaving a job

- How to find a job where you can learn and earn (prepare you for entrepreneurship)

- How to job search effectively + resume red & green flags

About Kaylyn

With 9 years of resume writing experience, if there’s anything Kaylyn Blair knows to be true about career pathways, it’s that they are not linear. After graduating at the start of the pandemic, she took the leap and launched AOK Resumes & Career Coaching and quit her full-time job in education. Kaylyn compiled everything she learned from college career centers and advising students, along with her own experience, in order to educate individuals on how to break out of career and societal expectations, to help clients identify their strengths and professional values, to find jobs and opportunities that are aligned with those strengths and values, and to live their brightest lives, personally and professionally. 

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