Episode #43: Kelsea Warren

Episode Overview

- How does someone address the emotion or shame when leaving behind a career?

- How to identify the reasons for feeling shame or emotion, especially about change?

- The difference between personal and professional values

- What are workplace values and how to determine what they are to feel fulfilled?

- The difference between workplace boundaries and work-life balance

- How to experiment with new habits and create a recipe for flourishing

- How to establish a plan whether they decide to transition into a new industry or career OR quit their job and start a business?

About Kelsea

Kelsea Warren is a Career Performance and Wellbeing Coach and the Chief Happiness Officer of The Seamless Coach LLC. She helps individuals elevate well-being so that they can have all of the ingredients they need to truly love their careers. Kelsea also does team training and leadership development for small businesses. Before becoming a coach, Kelsea was a clinical social worker and therapist which aligns with her holistic approach to career satisfaction and allows her the skills to coach on more than just traditional resumes and interview preparation. Kelsea is also the founder of The Seamless Community - her monthly membership for women who are looking for support, education, and coaching around their own career transitions. 

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