Episode #48: Kelsey Willock

Episode Overview

- What she did to prepare when leaving her job

- How to support yourself financially when they take the leap

- ALL the routes someone can take when they leave their job

- How to make quicker progress with your ideas

- Why and how she created a financial wellness app

- What are 'money archetypes' and how to figure out what yours is

About Kelsey

Kelsey Willock is the CEO & Co-Founder of Aura, a financial wellness and investment platform. She is also the author of "Not Your Boyfriend's Investment Advice," a weekly newsletter where she uses humor and storytelling to educate readers about personal finance and investing. Prior, she worked for Goldman Sachs advising the world's top hedge fund clients and as an ambassador for Launch with GS - the firm's billion-dollar commitment to investing in diverse entrepreneurs and investment managers.

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What's Your Money Archetype?