Episode #50: Monika Mazur

Episode Overview

- How she built a new career and life in the US after immigrating from Poland

- How you can create something from nothing or when you're at "rock bottom"

- How to find the silver lining in those deep, dark places/situations

- What does it mean if you feel guilty for not having gratitude over the things you "should," and what you can do to combat it

- The top reasons why people struggle in their fitness and/or business journey

- How she built and scaled her own online community and fitness App

About Monika

Monika Mazur, who started her professional journey as a journalism student in Poland turned immigrant nanny in the USA and fitness competitor, is the founder of BBM, or Body By Monika, which is an online fitness and life coaching platform. Monika mission’s is to help women become confident both in their body and business and because of her experience in bodybuilding and personal development, her clients are getting amazing fitness and life results easier and quicker. 

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