Episode #94: Roger Osorio

Episode Overview

- How to start your own journey of reinvention (even if you don't know what you want or where you're going)

- What to expect during the process of reinvention

- How his podcast, upcoming book, and The School of Reinvention can support you on your journey (regardless of where you're at)

About Roger

Roger Osorio is a reinvention coach, speaker, and author of the book, The Journey to Reinvention, which comes out in September 2022. Roger started his own journey of reinvention in 2005, enjoying a life of ups and downs, while always being in alignment with who he is and what matters most to him. Since his journey began, he’s been on a mission to help people define success on their terms and reinvent themselves to get what they most desire through his platform (and soon podcast) called the School of Reinvention.

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