Episode #27: Tariq Fancy


Meet Tariq.

In this episode, Gabby is joined by Tariq Fancy, former Chief Investment Officer at BlackRock and founder of Rumie, an ed-tech nonprofit. Tariq shares why he left BlackRock to start over and pursue his passion in the hopes of addressing the increasing educational inequality for underserved populations. He also explains why he took to the media to blow the whistle on all the not-so-sustainable practices found in Corporate (known as greenwashing), which started a huge debate across the finance community. Tariq shares his thoughts on why lifelong learning is more important than ever, and the importance of living within our current "system" while also having the drive to make lasting changes within it.

Tariq Fancy used to be the Chief Investment Officer for "Sustainable" Investing at BlackRock, a financial services firm with over $9 trillion in investments. After trying to make Wall Street more "green" from the inside, he realized there was no real social impact happening and he is now ready to blow the whistle about greenwashing. Additionally, he founded Rumie - an edtech nonprofit startup, with the intention closing the learning gap by providing open and free library of micro-learning courses that cover the essential life and career skills necessary to succeed.




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