Episode #12: Wayne Mullins


Meet Wayne.

In this episode, Gabby is joined by Wayne Mullins, Founder of Ugly Mug Marketing. Wayne talks about his journey to success and how things don’t always go to plan. He discusses the lessons he learned from the tough times, how important your beliefs are when it comes to achieving your goals, and how life won’t necessarily get easier when you ‘make it.’

Wayne is a husband, father of 4, founder, CEO, entrepreneur, and author. He’s a generous soul, a risk-taker, and an out-of-the-box, against-the-grain thinker and leader. 

Over the past 20 years, Wayne Mullins has scaled multiple companies and helped hundreds of entrepreneurs do the same with their companies. Wayne influences more than 250,000 entrepreneurs annually through his blog, books, and training programs. Wayne has personally worked with clients in over 100  industries – from every corner of the globe. 

Ugly Mug Marketing has won the praises of some of the leading influencers in the business world such as Neil Patel (Founder of QuickSprout + Kissmetrics)  and Ari Weinzweig (Co-founder of Zingerman’s).