Episode #23: William Branum


Meet William.

In this week’s episode, Gabby is joined by retired Navy Seal and CBD entrepreneur, William Branum. William talks about why he became a Navy Seal even after years of having no desire to be in the Navy. He discusses the many lessons that he learned during his 26 years in the military and how those lessons have played a part in his entrepreneurial journey, how CBD has changed his life and how he hopes to use it to bring the number of military veteran suicides from 22 per day down to zero.

26 year Navy SEAL and sniper instructor veteran.  After retirement William founded Naked Warrior Recovery, a premium CBD company focusing on quality and education to address his own issues with sleep, stress/anxiety, and pain.  If you are interested in CBD at all, even if you are curious check out his website.    Additionally, he teaches the GET NAKED! Mindset, “5 ways to think like a Navy SEAL”.  What would you do if you could think like a Navy SEAL?  How would it you change your life?


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