Episode #52: Yiddy Lemmer

Episode Overview

- How to determine if you need a business plan, and if you do, how to create one

- How to keep track of your leads, nurture them properly, and keep their information safe and secure

- Common IT or Cyber Security mistakes new business owners make

- What tools or products to use to keep your data, sensitive information, and business safe

- How to avoid getting hacked or having your data shared on the dark web

- How to set up your business infrastructure and environment safely for long-term growth

- How to keep your business and data safe when using virtual staff or contract workers

About Yiddy

Yiddy Lemmer is the founder and CEO of CompuConnect, an IT and Security company with a mission to provide white glove, high touch, FAST, and knowledgeable IT Support. He started his own company in 2017, providing businesses in NYC with their technology and cybersecurity needs, and has since then grown the business very quickly despite it being an extremely competitive market.

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