Episode #92: Yogesh Shetty

Episode Overview

- Ways to set yourself up with benefits when you quit corporate

- What the future of work benefits looks like for gig workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs

- How your past can help shine a light on your purpose

- How to give back while taking care of yourself

About Yogesh

Yogesh Shetty is the Founder and CEO of Avibra, a mission-driven wellness platform that makes low and no-cost benefits accessible to everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Shetty, despite growing up in the slums of Mumbai, rose through executive ranks in the U.S. to lead technological innovation at both JP Morgan Chase and New York Life. Shetty’s deep understanding of finance and insurance, coupled with his empathetic heart, motivates him to give back to society daily by democratizing benefits in the U.S. 

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